All That You Must Know About High CBD Strains

If you feeling concerned about trying CBD as an alternative therapy, it is great. CBD affects people differently. CBD has emerged as the most popular drug among people of all ages because of its immense benefits. Also, if you are trying it for the first time you might have lots of questions about it.

The most common question which comes to our mind is how long does CBD stay in the system, will it affect the results of your medical tests. Another probing question that comes up is that “does CBD makes anyone high’?

Understanding CBD

CBD or commonly known as cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients of cannabis. CBD is biologically derived from hemp, which belongs to the same plant family of marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD does not give a heightened sensory effect. This is because it lacks in THC content.

You will be surprised to know that CBD is used by people suffering from arthritis, epilepsy, acne, etc. It is useful for treating a large number of health problems. If you want to buy this drug, you can look online and search for CBD stores near me. It will lead you to a lot of retail addresses where you can go and pick up after careful selection.

How long does CBD remain in your system?

Experts have mentioned that CBD does not last in your body for more than 7 days. Several studies report the same fact. Recent studies on participants concluded that after administrating 800mg of CBD for consecutive six weeks, it was undetectable after one week when medical tests were carried out.

Factors affecting the duration of CBD in the human system

Quantity and Consumption

Of course, it needs a more detailed and conclusive study to understand the duration of the drug. However, you need not worry about the longevity of the drug staying in your system because it is dependent on how and when you take it. It is also dependant on the method of intake. Moreover, users have mentioned that it is not at all habit-forming. This means you can stop taking the drug at any point of the time and not have any side effects. If you are taking it in higher dosages twice or thrice a day, you might need 10 -15 days for your body to flush it out of the system.

Frequency of usage

Since CBD is being used by a lot of people few use it occasionally, while some take it as a medicine. The person who is having it occasionally will have less amount of CBD in their system than the person who is a regular user. This goes without saying that you must consult a professional before you start taking this drug regularly.

With food and without food

CBD is an active component. Hence if you are taking it with food your stomach acid will metabolize it much quicker than taking it with a fuller stomach. Food slows down the absorption of most of the drugs and helps in a sustained release.